Keeping the house clean with pets



Anyone with large dogs knows that your house is never clean. It may look clean and smell clean but put on a pair of brand new white socks and walk around on the hard surface floors all day and you’ll know the truth. Our entire house is hardwood and stone tile. It’s beautiful and it’s dirty… no matter what. We have a big backyard that’s fenced in. The yard has just enough of a slope to it that makes any rainfall whatsoever turn it into a muddy slip and slide. Whether it’s wet or dry, there seems to remain this fine dusty dirt that sticks to our dogs paws 24/7. So, our floors are never clean enough in my opinion. I sweep daily and mop once a week. It’s a lot of work considering, like I said, the entire house is hardwood and tile. When our son started rolling around my mind exploded a little. HOW are we going to let him crawl on these floors! What kind of mother am I if my kid constantly has dirty socks and knees from his own home?

In addition to dirty floors, lets talk dog hair. Our dogs are pure bred Doberman Pinchers. They’re AMAZING dogs and I love them so much. However, being such short haired animals, I never would have imagined they would shed the way they do. HAIR EVERYWHERE. Our oldest has a much thicker coat than the younger and his hair just falls off when you touch him, you can literally see it. So again, what kind of mother am I if my kid is covered in dog hair every time he leaves the house?

At seven months old, my son is a rolling machine. He wants to crawl so badly but he’s not quite there yet. Day by day I am working to really tone down my OCD feelings about the floors. Maybe I’ll invest in a steam cleaning system one day and that will solve all of my problems, maybe not. For now, I know I keep a clean house and do the best I can do. I know my son will likely find a way to get dirty each day anyway, so why stress now?


We live in a world of judgement, am I right? We’re all too fat, too skinny, too built, too flabby, too tall or too short. Our houses are too small or too big, too tacky, or too plain. All of my worries about the dogs and their germs, dirt, and hair in the house are for what? This question has really helped me. I don’t want to be an uptight person who cringes at each mess being made in the house. I want to roll with it and laugh. When the dogs run inside with muddy paws, I don’t want my kids to see me react by scolding them. I want them to see me laugh and simply say, “well, lets clean that up!” At the end of the day, no one is living in my house except me and my family. If you see my kid and see his socks and pants are dirty, okay then. If you see dog hair all over his shirt, okay then. If you can’t understand that no one is perfect, than we probably won’t be friends anyway. My personal goal by the time my son is crawling is to not care. I will continue cleaning as I do now, and let it be. Life is too short to care about dirty socks.

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