Making your own baby food

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When my son reached 6 months, it was time to introduce solids and we were all very excited to say the least. This is such a huge milestone and as parents, my husband and I couldn’t wait to see the look on our son’s face as a whole new world was introduced to him. In the weeks leading up to this milestone, I started browsing the baby food selections at my local grocery stores and honestly, I was not impressed. After talking to our pediatrician, we decided that we didn’t want to start our son on cereals, instead, we chose to start with vegetables, meats and then move on to fruits as his “first foods.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any jarred meats that didn’t contain ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. I felt like my priorities in selecting baby foods were simple- I wanted to choose the best possible ingredients I could find. If it was jarred, I didn’t want any “filler” or “fluff.” I just wanted real ingredients and simple ingredients. That was it!

After browsing around, I quickly learned the organic brands that met those requirements were expensive! I am a stay-at-home mom trying her best to make a single income household work, so needless to say, there is no room for $1.39 per jar of food multiplied by who knows how many and how often.

At this point, I decided to make my own food. BEST DECISION EVER. Not only have I saved a TON of money over the last few months, but I am in control of what goes into my sons body. I buy the ingredients and I cook them.
Starting out, I made simple purees in the blender. Butternut squash, carrot, pumpkin, peas, avocado, and chicken. The trick here is that I made A LOT at once and froze each food in these Homemade Baby Food Storage Containers. I really liked these trays because they made removing the purees super easy. After each food was frozen, I popped out the individual servings and put them in freezer safe zip lock bags. Then, as my son’s taste buds and stomach gradually matured, I could take a cube out of one food and mix it with another. The combinations were endless and he loved it!

(*Tip* If you boil chicken and blend it, it still remains pretty grainy in texture. After it’s been introduced to baby and there is no adverse reaction, my advice is to re-blend it with sweet potato or squash. It will come out really smooth and creamy, which was much more appealing to my toothless son in that form.)

All of my preparations took about 2 hours after I cleaned, peeled, boiled, baked, and prepared all the foods. That may sound like a lot of time spent in the kitchen but that one day’s work lasted about 3 months! I saved a ton of money and my son ate fresh fruits, meats, and vegetable combinations everyday. Happy mom and happy baby!

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