Earning Money with a Blog


I have been a stay at home mom for almost a year and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. HOWEVER, we all need money to live. Even though my staying home with our child saves my family money in some ways, it does create added expenses in others. Prior to having my son, I worked full-time in Administration, earning a salary in the $30k-$35k ballpark. When we moved to a new area, the salaries for jobs in this particular field were much lower than my husband and I were used to seeing which led me to my role as a stay at home mom.

I would be willing to bet that all new parents have had this conversation, “How much does childcare cost, and how much do you earn?”

In my opinion, the reality in today’s society, as a new mom, is that you’re damned if you do and damned it you don’t. If a woman stays home with her children, you don’t have to spend, what equates to a second mortgage most of the time, on childcare. If a woman returns to work, you spend said money on childcare and net only a fraction of her salary. Unless you have a higher earning job in a specific career field, you might find yourself like me, faced with feeling like you’re only working to pay childcare and maybe a couple additional bills each month, meanwhile watching someone else raise your children. It’s a, how should I say, crap shoot. That’s not to mention to guilt and fear that comes with either scenario. Guilt about not contributing to the household finances, guilt about choosing a job over staying at home with your kids, or the fear and guilt about missing out on little moments everyday because you feel obligated to work. Is your mind spinning yet?

In my best efforts to earn money from home, I started this blog. No, it hasn’t “taken off” yet, and no, you won’t see it on any “highest earning blogs” list. But, it does help out while allowing me stay at home with my son. And, I am still learning everyday while keeping my hopes up that one day I can truly “earn a salary” from my blog. Here’s what I have learned so far about blogging to earn money-

  1. Ads and Affiliate links

Ads are the easiest way to monetize your blog, hands down. Sites like WordPress will put ads on your blog for free without a minimum traffic requirement. As I began learning about ads, I immediately went to Google AdSense because I had heard so much about it. Unfortunately, you need proven traffic before they will place ads on your blog.

Affiliate links to products mentioned are great as well. Amazon Associates is free and you can link products you mention in your posts to receive a small kickback.

  1. Traffic

Traffic is obviously the most important part about starting a blog. Traffic is what drives views, clicks, link follows, purchases, etc. In order to build traffic, you can set up an email subscription option to alert followers when new posts are published. Another great way to build traffic is to link your social media accounts so more people see when you have published a new post. Finally, using sites like Pinterest are also a great way to build traffic.

  1. Content

I started MomBeginnings.com as a new mom blog. My intention was to share about life lessons as a new mom, baby insight, tips and tricks, family, and overall wellness in the home. My posts are about all of the above, but I also do my best to publish content on topics that have a high search rate. If you want to build traffic on your site, you have to provide content that people want to read. The more popular the topic, the more people will read it.

  1. Consistency

This is also a very important part of blogging. Before even starting your blog, I would highly encourage opening a Word doc and just writing. That way, you can build a library of posts to draw from each week instead of feeling pressured to write a post everyday. For now, I stick to publishing posts on specific days of the week. The other days I can spend researching topics, drawing inspiration, and building my library of posts to use in the future. Overall, the more content you put out there, the higher  likelihood of people searching topics that you have covered, thus, building traffic.

  1. Humor

Humor and other personality traits are great for your blog! What you write should be enjoyable, informative, and entertaining. Even if you’re not writing something specifically using humor, don’t be shy about your individual personality. Let it show! You want your readers to see your personality in your language. If you’re real, down to earth, and readers can relate, people will not only follow your blog but they will appreciate your content. No one likes a blog that seems to come from someone who has it all together, all the time, and who is earning a six figure income from home, at least I don’t. Why? Because it doesn’t seem real, it’s hard to relate to, and it doesn’t seem attainable. I fully appreciate knowing that I am not the only new mama out there figuring this whole thing out, one day at a time. I strive to keep it honest and open on MomBeginnings, whether it’s good or bad.

Hopefully these tips can help some of you in similar seasons of life, find means to make a little extra money from home.


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