Money Saving Tips


If there is a way to save a buck at the store, I’m all about it. I am always searching for new tips and ticks on how to save money on household goods and groceries that my family purchases regularly and surprisingly, there are great ways that do NOT involve “couponing”. I have nothing against “couponing,” and in fact, I have nothing but respect for those individuals who spends hours cutting, organizing, and planning out their next shopping trip well in advance in order to score very cheap, if not free, goods. However, it just never seems to fit my family’s needs. For starters, most of the food item coupons out there are for canned, boxed, and dry goods. Of course we all like a stocked pantry to an extent, but on a weekly basis my family’s diet consists more of fresh produce, meats, and refrigerated goods, and those coupons are far less common. When I do find an applicable coupon, you bet I use it, but I don’t plan my shopping around coupon deals.

Lets start with grocery money saving tips-


I cannot say enough good things about Aldi grocery store. The produce is always good quality, the meats are good quality, and almost everything is cheaper than any other store. Something else I love about Aldi, is that they have their own brand version (Simply Nature) of the same name brand products you would pay full price for elsewhere. For example, my husband and I love Kashi cereal. A 13.8 oz box of Kashi GoLean Crunch at Walmart is, $3.28 and the Simply Nature version at Aldi is $2.89. That may only be .40 cents BUT if you buy more than 1 box, it adds up. Another great find at Aldi are their canned vegetables. I always like to keep canned tomatoes, black beans, and corn on hand in the pantry for dinner ideas. Canned goods at Aldi are anywhere from .39 cents to .65 cents, while Walmart’s canned goods start around .68 cents depending on the vegetable.

So, imagine yourself filling a cart up with your usual grocery list items for the week. These .40 cent savings here and $1 savings there, well, they add up big time! My typical Walmart grocery bill would be about $120 each trip. My Aldi bill is consistently $80 each trip and I have yet to break $100 to date. That’s pretty good if you ask me.

Now onto money saving tips for a broader range of items,


The true “one stop, shop.” Walmart offers great deals all the time, no denying that. Yes, we live in a world where we may hate admitting to others that we shop for not only household stuff, but groceries as well, at Walmart rather than Whole Foods exclusively, or even Target. Why is that anyway? Whole Foods is wonderful, but it’ll hurt your bank account, big time. In my opinion, Target is nicer for home goods, but it’s also more expensive, even with a RedCard. Also, we moved to an area last year where there is no such thing as a “Super Target” anyway. Apparently, people in East TN are still living under a rock in that respect. Needless to say, “Super Walmart” is not only a great option, but it’s our only real option for one stop shopping.

One of my favorite things about Walmart these days, is their free pick up option. It’s geared toward grocery items, but you can add household goods and toiletries in there as well. If you spend more than $30 dollars, (which we all do) you can have your items brought out to your car and not even have to go in the store. Download the Walmart Grocery App and you can shop your grocery list from your phone. I promise you, when it’s cold, raining, or your have a sleeping baby in the car, pulling up to the curb and having an associate load your groceries is a miracle. Speaking of convenience, I should add that in general, there is always FREE 2-Day Shipping at for everything else, if you don’t want to drive at all.

Now, onto my favorite things about the Walmart App. Receipt Catcher. Scan your receipt in the app and it automatically checks other stores for better prices on what you purchased. If it finds discrepancies, it credits you the difference in your account. It works just like a gift card at that point. I have used apps like Ibotta before and I always either forget to look at their ads before hand or forget to scan it at the register even when I have it all planned out. With the receipt catcher, it does it all for you as long as you scan your receipt. They also price match the old fashioned way as well. Last month, we bought a convertible car seat for our son since he outgrew the infant seat. On the Walmart app, the Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, in the color we selected, was $239.99. While, in the store it was $289.00 on the shelf (*side note* these seat prices seem to fluctuate daily, and the color you select also affects the price as well.) So, we went to the store, showed them the app, the verified it was a Walmart product and that it was shipped by Walmart as well, and sold it to us for the online price. Plus, we used the $16.53 we had earned by using the Receipt Catcher feature. That day we walked out of the store with a brand new car seat for $223.46 which was about $65 dollars cheaper than online. These steps are easy, fast, and definitely worth your time. USA, LLC

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