8 month baby update


I can NOT believe my little boy is 8 months old already. I feel like every day he does something new and time just seems to slip away in an instant. This is my first update for my son, so I will try not to back track into previous months too much. The biggest changes this month all seem to involve his mobility. The boy is getting faster by the day! His army crawling is so fast and fluid, you can see the unstoppable determination with every sway of his hips and pull of his arms. He can tuck his legs under, getting himself up on all fours, with ease now but still hasn’t begun to crawl on his knees. He likes to be on all fours and rock back and forth as if he’s ready for a gun to go off and the race to start. Another big advance is that he LOVES to stand! Pulling up on things has started to peak his interest, but mostly he just loves to stand


with assistance. He’ll bounce, dance, and stomp all while standing.

He still says “mama” all day and it melts my heart each time, even if he doesn’t know what he is saying yet. The sounds “ba” “ma” and “wa” are still his most frequently used while babbling and we are working on “dada” so hard! He’ll get there soon. Another interesting development this month has been his screaming. My son has always let out a cute little squeal when excited, but this month, it’s been on a whole new level. We’re talking SCREAMING at the top of his lungs, followed by laughing hysterically. I’m surprised that A) he hasn’t caused a glass cabinet, window, or french door to shatter or B) that our distant neighbor hasn’t called to check on our well being in case someone has been injured.


The scream can be intense, although funny. Now, the icing on the cake in all of these new milestones, is the laughter. Hearing the sweet laughter of a happy 8 month old baby is the greatest sound on the planet. The smile, the gums with absolutely zero teeth still, and the laugh…there is nothing better than that. And he laughs…. A LOT.

My sons’s sleep has been good for several months now. Naps still seem to fluctuate in length, and the specific time of each nap varies by 30 minutes to an hour each day as well. He wakes up between 6:30 and 7am and his first nap is always at 8am. Then, there are two more naps throughout the day which seem to always fall around the same times. If his second nap is a long one, he may not take a third at all, and if his second nap is earlier, than his third will be later in the afternoon. Each day varies in that area which is fine with me. Bedtime starts at 6:45pm and he is in bed by 7pm each night. A typical night consists of 1 feed around 4am,


although he has begun to surprise me by sleeping through the entire night on occasion.

While my husband had to work, my son and I took our first road trip for 3 days to visit with some family in Virginia. I brought our Pack ‘N Play for night time and naps and reminded myself to stay flexible. No matter how out of wack his entire routines got, it was only a couple of days and I kept reminding myself it would all be okay. Well, my little man


surprised me and did not fuss AT ALL. He was SO AMAZING on this trip. He napped and played with toys in his car seat for the entire 6 hour drive, he took all the same naps during the days, he ate great, and he slept perfectly fine. Literally, it was like nothing changed for him. As a new mom, this trip was a HUGE confidence boost. I was so elated, I wrote an entire post on confidence and traveling with a baby.

I can’t wait to see what month 9 brings but at the same time, the months need to sloooooow down.

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