9 month baby update

9 month baby updateMy son is 9 months old and I can not believe how much he is changing. Each day that passes he is showing me more of the little toddler he will become and less of the baby I have snuggled for the last 9 months. This past month, mobility is the name of the game! Not only is he crawling like a maniac, but he is wiggling and twisting around all day, in every single direction possible. He moves he legs around in a way that seems to be a combination of clumsy yoga poses and gymnastics. He’s up on his knees and then down on his belly, he’s tucking his knees under himself as if to stand, then flattening out, he’s up and down and turned around all in seconds. It’s exhausting watching him… and also absolutely hilarious and amazing all at once.

With each new movement he masters, you can see him learning. Literally with each movement, it’s so magical to witness. His wheels are turning and he is figuring it all out in his mind. And the determination is inspiring! If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try and try again! One of his biggest developments this month has been going from a crawling position, to sitting up on his bottom all by himself. Also, his pincer grasp is getting better and better. If I cut up a small piece of fruit or steamed veggie, he can pick up the pieces using his thumb and forefinger and he only misses his mouth a few times now.

Another change this month has been his ability to communicate his feelings, which for me is equally as amazing to witness as the physical changes. If he wants something, he will reach for it immediately, and if he can’t get it, he’ll whine. For our son, who has never been a whiner, this is pretty neat to watch. Also, if he doesn’t like something, he’ll move it to the side, and focus on something else, including food. Too cool!

I am so excited…. and terrified to see what this next month brings. Baby proofing is in full swing and I am shopping for the best vacuum/mop/steam cleaner/broom combination out there! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments! Now that he is exploring all over the house, my fight with constantly dirty floors, is really becoming a full-out war!



  1. Baby’s get dirty . It’s a fact of life . They like to explore and put everything in their mouth so sweeping is the main objective to attend to . I raised 6 and found that putting caps on electrical outlets is necessary and also safety locks in cupboard doors . Good luck, relax and enjoy.

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    • My husband and I quickly learned that we live in the land of outlets in our new home. The previous owner/builder must have had A LOT of electronics in mind. We plugged all of those first! Thanks for the response and encouragement 🙂


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