Summertime motivation

A Beginner's Guide To Taking Care of PlantsIs it just me or is it SO much harder to get the indoor chores and projects done during the summer? During the fall and winter I swear I am a cleaning machine! With all of the holidays and company in and out, I feel like I am always making things happen inside the home. Then, when summer hits, everything inside seems to take the backseat. Days off are for family time at the park, festivals, farmers markets, and pools, not cleaning.

Recently, my husband and I have decided to sell our home and move back to our home state, Virginia. It was a hard decision, because we have only been in our current home for less than 2 years but we know it is the best decision for our family. We miss being close to friends and family, and we miss the conveniences we were so accustomed to. We’re praying we can find a nice house with some land, although we are prepared to not find as much land in Virginia as we have here now, in Tennessee.

That being said, the last few weeks have been VERY indoor oriented. It doesn’t matter how long you have lived in your home, selling it is hard work. Things need to be tidy and organized, paint needs to be finished or touched up, and clutter needs to be non-existent. When my son naps, I typically blog or have a little down time after picking up the house and throwing a load of laundry in. Lately, nap time has been the time to hustle! Clean, pack, organize, put away and stage…. REPEAT!

Keeping your house “show ready” is a lot of work with 2 large dogs and a 10 month old boy who is more mobile now than I can honestly believe. It’s hard work but we pray it pays off and our home sells quickly.

Whether you are preparing to move or not, I thought I would share some of my motivational tips for staying productive inside your home, even when the weather wants to take you away.

  1. Make a list

I am a list maker, in fact, it’s a gene that I carry, along with my older sister, passed down from our mother. We make a list for everything. That check-mark feature in my Iphone notes app might be my favorite thing ever. I have about 42 notes in my phone at any given time and 80% of them are lists. There is something very gratifying about checking off listed tasks and it helps me remember what I wanted to accomplish that day or week, depending.

2. Prioritize

This tip is important for obvious reasons. It’s really easy to get caught up in a project that really doesn’t have to be done at the moment, meanwhile, putting off important tasks like laundry and dishes. When I list, I list in order of most important to least important. That way, if and when life happens and I don’t finish all the things I planned to, at least the big tasks were accomplished.

3. One room at a time

If you need motivation, keep it simple and focus on 1 room a day or 1 category a day. For example, today I cleaned all of our bathrooms. Tomorrow I will do the bedrooms, then the living, and the entire kitchen. It’s really just preference on how you order each area but I find it easier to do chores by category that way I don’t have to get out all of the same cleaning items day after day.

4. Complete each project before moving to the next one

Sometimes I struggle with this, especially when it comes to organizing! When I start to go through one area of the home, I realize that I want to include items from another. I get distracted by moving around from room to room gathering similar items for my organizational project. In reality, I should just stick to 1 room at a time and when the project is complete, move on to another. Even if that means there are similar tasks to accomplish in multiple areas of the home day after day. In the end, it will all come together.

5. Reward yourself each day

Maybe you look forward to a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a cookie or bowl of ice cream, or maybe a bubble bath, but set a goal for each day and when it’s accomplished, reward yourself. Personally, juggling a big house by myself, 2 dogs, and a 10 month old is hard while my husband is at work all day. There are a lot of chores to accomplish each day so when the day is done, the baby is asleep, and the dishes are put away, I sit down and enjoy something special that’s just for me. Some nights, it’s a simple bowl of cereal and others it’s a cup of hot chocolate. It’s these simple pleasures that I can look forward to while I run around all day.


  1. Ann , Great moving prep suggestions .
    I swore that I would never move again but I find , as you do , that it is more supportive and comforting to be nearer loved ones . I could be next .
    Best wishes and take time to blog


    • It sure is! It took having a child to really realize and appreciate that fact, but that’s life I suppose. Thank you for the well wishes! I wish you the best as well!


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