11 month update

How I am writing an 11 month old update for my son is beyond me. WHERE did the time go? Not to mention, I missed our 10 month update all together, which further demonstrates how fast time passes by when you start a family.

My little boy is a man on a mission! If you turn away, he’s gone in an instant. I can hear the Mission Impossible theme playing in my head each time he takes off down the hallway. Those little limbs can crawl so fast, I fee like it’s a magic trick. Now you see him, now you don’t! My son is SO curious at 11 months. There isn’t a room in the house that hasn’t been explored and though he doesn’t like to be put down half the time, the other half he seems to forget about me and takes off independently. His mobility is still the fastest in a low crawl motion, although being on all fours gets him around too. In month 10, the name of the game was standing and gaining confidence with each repetition. He LOVES to stand now. Pulling himself up on everything and anything he can hold onto. Standing with his hands being held and bouncing those strong little legs is the funniest and coolest activity to watch.

Now, as we enter our 11th month, he is starting to take steps while standing more and more regularly. He can move from one end of the couch to the other and he can pull himself up so quickly with ease. If he drops something, he’ll try to bend over to get it and if you’re sitting or standing beside him, he wants to hold your hand and try to turn away from the piece of furniture entirely. I think in his mind he’s ready to walk but just can’t quite figure it out yet. I am so curious to see whether his first steps will happen this month or not. He’s so close!

The other major change this month has been in his interactions with us and our dogs. He loves to share and understands the concept of handing you food or an object if you ask. He will grab a dog toy and hand it over to the dog. He loves to pick up the telephone and hand it to me, which is so funny and so sweet. Perhaps my favorite new development is seeing his “favorites” emerge. For example, in a stack of books, he will pull out the same book every single time, hand it to me, and demand I read it at least 18 times in a row while he sits attentively, watching and listening. It’s the most adorable and heart warming thing… even though his book of choice is so silly. Each day he seems smarter and smarter and more aware of how the world works.

As far as food goes, he is an eating machine most days. Last month he loved blueberries and didn’t touch his strawberries, this month, it’s flipped. His other favorites are chicken and avocado. He’s pretty good at picking up food and getting it into his mouth, although he still doesn’t have any teeth so most of the foods still need to be softer and cut up into small pieces. He loves anything with a straw as well! My morning smoothies have become completely baby friendly because as soon as he sees the straw, he needs to try it too. Aside from having fun and trying new foods, breast milk continues to be his main source of nutrition and he is still nursing 4-5 times a day. I am really proud that we have made it this far in our breastfeeding journey and I don’t see any sign of him losing interest either.

In the last week, I have ordered his 1st birthday invitations and reserved a space back home in VA. I can not even begin to believe that he is almost a year old. My emotions can hardly handle it. I pray that with his birthday on a Wednesday, and his party the following Saturday, I can get out all my tears before seeing friends and family.


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